Sunday, June 20, 2010

Up and Running

alrighy guys, that long awaited day has finally arrived and i have offically started my blog about my adventures while abroad in Belgium. i havent actually arrived yet, but im here now to tell you about some things that have already happened in preparation for my departure in August. i simply cannot wait. :)

firstly, for all those who dont know the whole story, i have been accepted by AFS French Belgium for the 2010/2011 school year. and as i said before, i will leave for Belgium in August and be living with a host family for almost a full year. i will be attending a Belgian school, where it will be taught in the French language. ill be completing my Junior year while abroad and my credits will be on a pass/fail grading scale.

ive always loved travel and the different cultures around the world. i adore all the exchangers who come to our school and have become close friends with many of them. i suppose seeing and hearing about their experienes was the source of my inspiration for jumpstarting my exchange experience in high school. also, along with the involvement of my good friend, Mackenzie, and her family's participation with hosting students who come here (to America) and her not-so-distant semester exchange to Ghana.

sadly, i am still one of the very few unfortunate exchangers without a host family. waiting for news is so hard, yet in a way, i know that once i recieve my family, a whole new round of emotions and questions will arise and right now, i am filled with nothing but excitement and wonder..okay, and maybe a few worries as well.

on May 15th, we had our pre-departure orientation for those kids in the missouri county area. it was neat, i met kids going all over the place; France, Finland, Italy, another Belgian, and 2 others going to Spain. We met and talked and went over important things; answered some questions. Just one step closer to Belgium!

so now i wait and pray for more news to arrive soon. my friend, Nicky, whose also going to Belgium, is just as excited as i am and together we will have a terrific exchange experience.

sorry for such the first long post, i thought youd like to be caught up to everything thats happened and i promise, not all my posts will be this long. :)

a bientot for now