Thursday, March 31, 2011

i know i know...

i know i know.. i owe you all a update on the going ons of late.. but this is just a quick post to say one thing..

only 100 days until i return to the good 'ol US of A..

more to come soon:)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

les vacanes et tout avec ca:)

hey ya'll! lol

so, im currently on my week-long Carnval vacation here in Belgium and lovin' every minute of it..

since i cant be with my host family skiing in Italy..

im currently writing to you from Prague! cool huh? hah. its sooo beautiful here and all the people i have met have been considerably nicer than those ive met in other countries. lol! it always makes an experience like this better:)

THEN on my world-wind adventure, Mariela and i are headed to Berlin. very excited, and very hopeful to not have to even attempt to talk in German! haha! lets just say, i never realized how hear dit is to function in a country where you dont speak the language... i know i know. im in Belgium, right? lol. but ive grown comfterable and thankful for what you could call my french knowledge that asking what train to take for Brussels is no big deal:) lol.

and can you believe its already been 6 months since i left the states??? seems impossible and now time is really going to fly....!

and then im returning to Marielas house after 3 days in Berlin. ill be there for my birthday on the 12th and ill finally be 17! :) fuuun stuff. kinda sad not to be with my host family, but they return on the 13th and we'll hopefully "celebrate" then. lol!

but just a quick post of my plans so far for my vaction! but ill post again when i finally get home and let you all know all about it! and London too!! :)

love you guys! keep reading!