Sunday, August 22, 2010

Belgique! :)

Bonjour Everybody!

So, ive finally arrived and let me just start by saying that i cannot believe i am not 400 pounds already! aha. the ice cream, the pastries, the chocolate, and the frites (fries), oh! so good! the food here is amazing. why, oh why, do we not have these delicacies at home in the US? lol. :)

the first night i arrived, i met my family, who are awesome!, and after having home-made belgian frites for dinner; so good that i wanted to lick my plate, i had my first (and legal) drink. aha, Go Europe for having 16 being the legal drinking age ;)

My family has 3 horses! im very excited for that. i get to help with taking care of them and i get to ride them too! fun stuff! lol.

i also unpacked my suitcase today, went to the outdoor market in Charleroi, saw my school and the train station ill have to go to get there, and went out to eat with my family and some of their friends and their other AFS exchanger from Ecuador..

Sorry for such the short post this time. i know some of you are waiting for more, but its late here (with a 8 hour time difference) and ill be sure to post more in later days :)

A Bientot!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last Day in Good 'ol Missouri

Bonjour Everybody!

Just wanted to post a small message saying that today is my last day in Missouri and that tomorrow i'll be on a plane leaving for New York! I'll arrive in Brussels on Friday morning and proceed from there..

Thanks to everyone who wished me safe/pleasant travels. i truly appreciate it. Love ya guys! see ya soon.

Love always,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Belgium Map!

As an add-on to my last post, for all you non-Belgium geography buffs, here is a conveinent map! The line in the center is the divide between the Flanders in the North and Wallonia in the South. The red dot is about the location where i'll be staying :)

Famille D'accueil!

Bonjour Everybody!

i recieved something very exciting to write about; and that is that i finally recieved my host family information :)

i am very excited and relieved, because i leave in exactly 2 weeks, to find out who they are and where i'll be living this next up-coming year. According to the small amount of info i recieved, i will live in the western Wallonia region, in a city called Villers-Poterie, in the providence of Hainaut. i have a older sister and a younger brother, in addition to the parents. It seems to be a small town in a rural area. i dont know much about the city yet, but when i found out, ill be sure to post it :)

It's all very good news; and im very happy to have finally given the chance to talk/meet them. Considering, my time in Missouri is running shorter and shorter, this was fantastic news to know i have a home in Belgium! aha.

Sorry Tom, your on your own in the Exchanger Orphanage! ;)

A Bientot!