Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Famille D'accueil!

Bonjour Everybody!

i recieved something very exciting to write about; and that is that i finally recieved my host family information :)

i am very excited and relieved, because i leave in exactly 2 weeks, to find out who they are and where i'll be living this next up-coming year. According to the small amount of info i recieved, i will live in the western Wallonia region, in a city called Villers-Poterie, in the providence of Hainaut. i have a older sister and a younger brother, in addition to the parents. It seems to be a small town in a rural area. i dont know much about the city yet, but when i found out, ill be sure to post it :)

It's all very good news; and im very happy to have finally given the chance to talk/meet them. Considering, my time in Missouri is running shorter and shorter, this was fantastic news to know i have a home in Belgium! aha.

Sorry Tom, your on your own in the Exchanger Orphanage! ;)

A Bientot!

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