Sunday, August 22, 2010

Belgique! :)

Bonjour Everybody!

So, ive finally arrived and let me just start by saying that i cannot believe i am not 400 pounds already! aha. the ice cream, the pastries, the chocolate, and the frites (fries), oh! so good! the food here is amazing. why, oh why, do we not have these delicacies at home in the US? lol. :)

the first night i arrived, i met my family, who are awesome!, and after having home-made belgian frites for dinner; so good that i wanted to lick my plate, i had my first (and legal) drink. aha, Go Europe for having 16 being the legal drinking age ;)

My family has 3 horses! im very excited for that. i get to help with taking care of them and i get to ride them too! fun stuff! lol.

i also unpacked my suitcase today, went to the outdoor market in Charleroi, saw my school and the train station ill have to go to get there, and went out to eat with my family and some of their friends and their other AFS exchanger from Ecuador..

Sorry for such the short post this time. i know some of you are waiting for more, but its late here (with a 8 hour time difference) and ill be sure to post more in later days :)

A Bientot!


  1. i think that they have most of those food items here in the us. but im glad ur still updating this

  2. drinking--don't become an alcholalic or fat--we want fries--drinking, fries, candy made me the man I am today ! dad

  3. yes, but Jory, they are soooo much better here. trust me, my friend. you think you've experienced good food, well you wouldnt say that if you have had them here! aha! and of course, ill keep updating for sure

    aha, Dad! youll be glad to know that when others are having alcohol, im usually having a coke. aha, you can usually tell im the American in the room by the way i dont drink. lol! well, i cant promise anything on the getting fatter! its all just soo gooood! ahahaha! of course, youll get to taste the delicious Belgian fries soon! love you! K