Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cours De Francais :)

Hey Guys!

Started my french lessons a few weeks ago, which is a very good thing. aha. But, i desperately hope we get to French grammar soon because this whole kitchen utensil unit is really not helping me out in school! lol

But, the people in my class are really cool. its like the invasion of exchangers all over again! aha! no, they are all adults (im the youngest there), but there are people from all over the world and its really neat to meet them and learn their stories, just like what im doing with AFS. Turkey, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Poland, and more! there's even another American. So, i really enjoy it. Even if i only learn about kitchen utensils.. ;)

aha, just a quick update on the goings-on in Belgium. Nothing really new, ill update when something is..

A bientot pour maintenant!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Heart Amsterdam

heyy everybody,

Let me just say, Amsterdam was super awesome and i have officially started my "I <3 ..." t-shirt collection! aha!

and hanging out with the other AFSers in the Hainuat chapter was great :)

school is actually going pretty good. my first post about school was a nice venting session. aha, but now ive got an amazing group of friends and ive fallen into a rhythm with the classes. the French is difficult, and i still dont understand about 90% of the time, but hey, 10% is better than none, right? :)

ive been here a little over a month now. only 10 left! wow! time has seemed to fly! i love Belgium!

talk to you guys soon! bisous :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


im goin' to Amsterdam this weekend!
yay! ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Week: OVER

hey everybody,

just a short post to say that i have offically finished my first week at school as a normal teenage Belgian!

everything is going good, talk to you guys soon


Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hey everybody!

i really hope that you guys read my comments as well, aha. ill sometimes respond to posts and the such by comment when i dont have time to actually post anything. so if your wondering why i didnt get back to you.. its because you didnt read the comments! so my advice to you is: READ THEM! aha. :)

Okay, well lets get to the real reason for this post. i also posted the same thing in my other blog so most likely, if your Sam or Kenzie, you can skip the next couple paragraphs (unless you havent read my lastest post there.. lol.)

Today was my first day at school, and boy oh boy, do i want to shoot myself now. not really, but i hope you can pick up on the sarcasm. lol. i didnt know what class level i was in or my electives! aha, can i get any dumber? but to my defense, my family never told me and i never thought to ask.. oh well, i suppose.. whats done is done, although once classes start i still have no idea what im doing. moving classroms? staying? who knows! i guess im just so used to South being so enthusiastic and, for a lack of a better word, "into" exchangers, that it was almost surprising when this school really isnt.. it was terrifying and embarrassing, but, im hoping that with time, it wont be so scary. i mean, i wasnt expecting a smooth ride, but you know..

for now though, i just feel so out of place. this school is the best around, so thats a good thing. at least i know im getting a good education. social lives arent that important.. right? lol. and for your info, i would hardly call today "the first day," because there were no classes! aha. it was just to come, get in your classes, double check your schedule (that i still have to fix by the way), and then go home! i was there all but maybe 3 hours, at most. it was so different, but i did meet a few very nice and sympathetic people who helped me along the way. but guess whats the best part?? tomorrow, im goin' on a field trip! :) ahah! we're going to Ghent, or Gand as they say in French, which is a town/region in the Flemish part of Belgium. Gotta love field trips the second day of school, right? i know i dooo! ;)

and also, my school is called College Pie 10. with an accent on the first e, but has no idea how to get special characters. aha. the classes im taking are: religion, PE, geography, history, PES - citoyennete (which i have no idea what it is, aha, but its required), french, english, math, science, and theater.

fun stuff, i know! lol, post pics after my field trip to Ghent tomorrow!

A Bientot for now!