Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cours De Francais :)

Hey Guys!

Started my french lessons a few weeks ago, which is a very good thing. aha. But, i desperately hope we get to French grammar soon because this whole kitchen utensil unit is really not helping me out in school! lol

But, the people in my class are really cool. its like the invasion of exchangers all over again! aha! no, they are all adults (im the youngest there), but there are people from all over the world and its really neat to meet them and learn their stories, just like what im doing with AFS. Turkey, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Poland, and more! there's even another American. So, i really enjoy it. Even if i only learn about kitchen utensils.. ;)

aha, just a quick update on the goings-on in Belgium. Nothing really new, ill update when something is..

A bientot pour maintenant!


  1. Awww Katie! Thats so good! Im glad that you like it! I hope you learn lots and then, when you come home, you can rub it in my face that you know all the kitchen utensils and I don't haha But for real, that sounds super exciting!
    je t'aime

  2. aha! thanks! i am too. its kinda lame because its for like beginner beginners, but still better than nothing. aha! and fo sho! in your face, i know how to say coffeemaker, ladle, and strainer in French! aha! ;)and of course, je t'aime aussi :)))) bisous!