Friday, September 24, 2010

I Heart Amsterdam

heyy everybody,

Let me just say, Amsterdam was super awesome and i have officially started my "I <3 ..." t-shirt collection! aha!

and hanging out with the other AFSers in the Hainuat chapter was great :)

school is actually going pretty good. my first post about school was a nice venting session. aha, but now ive got an amazing group of friends and ive fallen into a rhythm with the classes. the French is difficult, and i still dont understand about 90% of the time, but hey, 10% is better than none, right? :)

ive been here a little over a month now. only 10 left! wow! time has seemed to fly! i love Belgium!

talk to you guys soon! bisous :)


  1. Where are the other AFSers from? Any live by you? You'll be up to 50% french soon! I want to hear about your school friends. You and all the fam doing well?

  2. I MISS YOU AND I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! I'm glad school is going better for you. I would also like to hear about your friends!

  3. umm.. all over the world? aha! Brazil, Equator, Malaysia, Italy, (lots of Europeans), Honduras, Canada, etc... and yeah, 4 live by me, but i still dont really see them much.. aha, wahoo, cant wait for that 50%! aha! were all doing good! sad that the candy and brownies are almost gone.. lol, i think we ate the last Reese's a few nights ago.. lol. my friends are cool! i like them a lot. i must tell them to cool it with the english though cause they talk to me a lot in english. but they still push me for french which is good, but i want total isolation! aha!

    and Sam i love/miss you toooo! like you wouldnt believe, buuuut im hoping youll be on skype with Mac on sun and we can talk then. especially about FFR! fuuun stuff! i want details!! aha! :) and thanks, so am i :)

  4. im glad you are having such a great time. but when r we gonna skype??

  5. thanks! and soon soon soon, Jory! pick a date and time :) weekends are the best!

  6. see but i dont always know ahead of time what ill have up

  7. aha, what youll have up? message me on skype! :)