Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Departure Date!

Bonjour everybody,

Finally, i have some exciting news to share! i just recieved an e-mail saying that i need to be in New York (Belgium's Gateway City; where all the AFS exchangers from across the US meet) for a what-they-call "survival" orientation on August 18th-19th :)

I will offically arrive in Brussels on August 20th and then proceed to my final destination at my host family's home somewhere in the South of Belgium.

A fun fact, for you guys who didn't know this about Belgium: In the North, people there mostly speak Flemish (a language close to Dutch) and across the Language Divide; in the Southern half, most people speak French, which is where i will be spending my year :)

Lastly, still anxiously awaiting on news about my host family, but getting the exact flight departure information was still a very pleasant suprise :)

Amor toujours,

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