Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thank God for Toussaint! :)

Hey everybody!

sorry for the lack of posts lately, but not a whole lot of anything has happened worthy of writing about. aha. School, french lessons, homework, meeting with friends and the family.. :)

BUT, i do have a week long break coming up this week, for which i am so excited for! It's called Toussaint, which is also called All Saints Day. My friend Nicky (elle vien de Missouri et est en La Belgique aussi!) is coming for 2 days and were going to shop and eat and have a grand ol' time! aha. also going to Walibi, the amusement park here, for Halloween Monster Fest! Who knows what else. should be a fun break! especially the part about having no school: Thank God for Toussaint :)

on a sadder, more depressing note: we ate the last sugar cookie today..

.. my mom sent sugar cookie mix a few weeks ago (with icing, sprinkles, the works!) and now, they are happily digesting in our stomachs. aha. but no worries, i have Belgian chocolate, waffles, and frites to make me feel better! ;)

Talk to ya guys soon!

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